About Us

Simple Life Shirt Co is the idea of an 8-year-old, Brooklyn, who got tired & bored of being in lockdown during the Coronavirus and decided to learn more about becoming a Kidpreneur. She spent a few weeks researching business ideas, surveying potential customers, coming up with a company name, learning about marketing and sales, and then asked her Dad and Mom to help out with the business too. Before we knew it, everyone combined their talents, and skills to pitch in and make this a reality for Brooklyn! (We're still trying to figure out what the dog can do....maybe customer support LOL!)

The Big Difference

At Simple Life Shirt Co, we understand the love of a truly comfortable t-shirt. That's why we spend more money on buying our t-shirt products, so we can be sure that we give you a nice, soft, and comfortable t-shirt that you'll enjoy wearing over and over again! Most companies will use the cheap shirts so they can have higher profit margins, but you only wear those to change the oil in your car, paint your house, or do yardwork with because they're scratchy, itchy, and heavy.

You will never be disappointed with the quality when you order from us. You’ll love the perfect blend of quality, style, and comfort. We believe in only selling top-notch products at affordable prices.

Want to know how much our family loves wearing these soft t-shirts? We wear them almost every day! 🙂

Our Mission

Our company has a straightforward, relatively simple mission.




Being creative, designing, and manufacturing t-shirts brings joy to all of us. To start off, we have put-together approximately 30 t-shirt designs for you to choose from, for both adults and kids. While there are obvious educational and life lessons linked to selling these t-shirts for Brooklyn, a chunk of what we do is spent in uplifting the community and giving back (the "Do Good" part)! We've been involved with different community organizations around our community and plan use some of the the proceeds from selling t-shirts to continue to support these worthy causes as well as work with more great causes with our "Partnership Program".

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